Webinar Kruss: "Understanding adhesion with force tensiometry", Tuesday, 28 of November, 10:00 or 17:00


Tuesday, 28th of November, at 10:00 or 17:00

Ronexprim, together with the external partner KRÜSS GmbH, have the pleasure to invite you to participate at the webinar:

Understanding adhesion with force tensiometry

Understanding adhsesion with force tensiometry

How to quantify repellent and sticky surfaces

Achieving strong adhesion is crucial for creating high-quality products. Tensiometry offers some exciting and new methods to understand the mechanisms of why things stick. Methods that allow you to improve the qualities of various items and processes, such as adhesives, surface pre-treatment and modification.

Join this focus webinar by our application expert Dr. Daniel Frese and find out how to get meaningful numbers on, a deeper understanding of, and how to optimize adhesion or liquid repeliency.

    • Understand some main principles behind adhesion and liquid repellency and in what technical processes they play
      a role

    • See how you can measure the adhesion between a drop and a solid surface while analyzing the drop optically
    • Learn how versatile a tensiometer can be and get additional information out fo your experiements, like the E-modulus,
      information about wetting transition, and more

Taking part in this webinar is free, duration is approximately 1 hour, and it will include a Q&A session.