Webinar Milestone: "Overcoming Sample Prep Pain Points in Mining and Geochemical Applications", Tuesday, 12 of December, 18:00


Tuesday, 12th of November, at 18:00

Ronexprimtogether with the external partner, Milestone, have the pleasure to invite you to participate at webinar:

Overcoming Sample Prep Pain Points in Mining and Geochemical Applications

Geochemical Applications
Determining the elemental composition of mining and geochemical samples is a well-established application area for atomic spectroscopy techniques. Yet, despite the many advances in technology over the years, there are still many challenges to overcome, particularly in preparing these samples for analysis. The use of closed-vessel microwave digestion has made a significant impact on the ability to prepare many types of samples faster and more completely, but that alone does not address all the pain points that labs analyzing these samples experience.

This webinar presents several strategies and methods, backed by case studies, for overcoming challenges and alleviating pain points encountered during preparation of mining and geochemical samples for elemental analysis. While most of the focus is on advanced microwave digestion technologies, consideration of the total sample prep workflow provides additional opportunities for reducing turnaround time, improving analysis quality, lowering costs, and increasing safety.

Key Learning Objectives:
   • See how microwave digestion can be optimized for the preparation of several different types of mining and
     geochemical samples
• Learn how single reaction chamber (SRC) digestion systems work and why they have several advantages over rotor-based
     systems for preparing mining and geochemical samples
• Discover ways a 'total workflow' sample prep approach can improve a lab's sample throughput, quality of results,
     cost structure, and safety
   • Eric Farrell - Product Specialist at Milestone
   • Anthony Marshall - Chief Chemist at Freeport McMoRan


   Bob Alaburda - Director of Special Projects at Spectroscopy