Webinar Thermo Fisher Scientific: "Nano- micro- mesoscale sample preparation by focused ion beam and laser milling", Friday, 22 of September, 15:00


WEBINAR Thermo Fisher Scientific
Friday, 22nd of September, at 15:00

Ronexprim, as the exclusive distributor in Romania of the Electron Microscopes developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific invites you to attend to the webinar:

Nano- micro- and mesoscale sample preparation by focused ion beam and laser milling


Sample preparation is a key step in many materials characterization, basic science and engineering experiments. The desired, typically small, sizes entail the use of suitable machining tools as well as a recipe for making the desired geometry. Often also transfer onto a suitable holder or substrate is needed.

In this webinar a wide range of sample preparation applications as well as some tips and tricks to deal with commonly encountered difficulties and artifacts are discussed. Examples using gallium focused ion beam (Ga-FIB), multi ion species plasma FIB and ultra short pulse laser milling are presented.

     * Dr. Joakim Reuteler - Staff scientist, ScopeM
     * Min Wu - Senior Product Specialist PFIB, Materials Science

This webinar will last approximately one hour and includes a question and answer session.