Element Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs)
The Element SDDs deliver powerful analytical capability in a compact package, maximizing performance and flexibility, while providing streamlined operation to guarantee fast results and ease of use. The Element SDDs provide fast and efficient results for industrial analysis needs. The detectors come in both fixed and manual slide models. ( Element EDS System page).

Octane Elect SDDs
The Octane Elect SDDs are tailored for users who need higher performance and more options than those offered by entry-level detectors. They offer both increased functionality and high resolution at an optimal value. The Octane Elect SDDs provide remarkable improvements in low energy sensitivity for light element detection and low kV microanalysis. ( Octane Elect EDS System page.)

Octane Elite SDDs
The game changing advancements in the Octane Elite SDDs take detector technology to the next level. This line of detectors incorporates a new silicon nitride (Si3N4) window, which offers remarkable improvements in low energy sensitivity, light element detection, and low kV microanalysis. The Octane Elite SDDs also use state of the art electronics, which yield high speed X-ray data processing within a smaller and fully vacuum encapsulated detector device. (Octane Elite EDS System page.)

Octane SDD Series for the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
EDAX’s Octane SDD Series for the TEM are the world's first SDDs for the TEM that are fully integrated. Data acquisition and signal processing electronics are fully integrated into the detector. The integrated detector presents an elegant design that improves performance, facilitates installation and offers easy remote access via Ethernet from virtually any computer. ( Octane SDD Series for the TEM page.)

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